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Elevate your HR with Australia’s best Talent Management System. Comprehensive, customisable, and designed for growth, we’re reshaping how organisations manage talent.

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Who We Are:
Transforming HR Together

At Cognology, we don’t just sell you a product, we become your partner in success. Our team of HR experts will guide you through every step of the journey, from getting your people processes setup to keeping it current, as your strategic needs change over time. We’ll be there to support you, cheer you on, and ensure your happiness is our success.

Modular and Customizable:
Tailor Your Talent Management Experience

Select and combine to perfectly fit your needs.

360 Feedback

Enable comprehensive feedback from multiple sources, fostering personal and professional development for employees.

9 Box Grid Talent Management

Visualise and plan for employee development and succession, supporting strategic talent decisions.

Competency Management

Systematically manage and enhance the skills and abilities of your workforce, aligning them with your strategic objectives.

Compliance Training

Ensure that your organisation meets legal and regulatory requirements, minimising risk and promoting a culture of accountability.

Course Builder

Easily design custom training programs to meet specific needs with our intuitive course builder tool.

Learning Management

Deliver targeted training and development opportunities, facilitating continuous learning and career growth.

Licence & Certification Tracking

Streamline the management of professional credentials, ensuring compliance and up-to-date certification for your workforce.

Onboarding & Inductions

Streamline the integration of new employees, ensuring a smooth and welcoming introduction to your company culture and values.

Performance Management

Track and evaluate employee performance, providing clear paths for improvement and rewarding achievements.

Skills Management

Efficiently track and manage employee skills.

Succession Planning

Prepare for the future by identifying and developing potential leaders, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

What Sets Us Apart:
Unique, Customer-Centric Features

Real People, Real Solutions

Our team of HR experts provides hands-on, practical support to ensure you get the most out of our software, guaranteeing a seamless experience with personal guidance at every step.

Real Support, No Bots, No Phone Queues, No Fees

Forget about chatbots and long phone queues. Enjoy easy access to our expert team, offering straightforward support with no additional charges.

Customised Solutions That Evolve With You

Cognology’s software is built to adapt to your unique needs, offering custom-fit solutions from onboarding to performance management that grow with your business.

Innovation Driven By You

Your feedback is the catalyst for our continuous software enhancement, leading to more effective, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Flexibility Without the Fees

Our platform is designed for adaptability, allowing you to adjust and refine your HR processes to match changing business needs, all without hidden costs.

Seamless Integration:
Connect with Confidence

Cognology’s Talent Management System integrates seamlessly with a vast array of HR systems, recruitment platforms, payroll services, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory, the Australian Tax Office, and more. This flexibility ensures that our solutions work perfectly within your existing HR ecosystem, enhancing functionality and improving efficiency.

What others say about us

Cognology’s expertise and customer service went beyond all expectations.

  • Inspector Daryl Clifton

    Performance Enhancement Program (PEP), Human Resources Development Department, Victoria Police.

Cognology are customer responsive and the quality of their work is first class.

  • Scott Cooper

    Chief Manager Financial Control & Projects, Westpac Banking Corporation

We wanted to involve people from 6 countries in the 360 degree process in two languages, and Cognology’s service was excellent; – efficient, flexible and highly responsive to our needs.

  • Keith Cundale

    PriceWaterhouse Coopers

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