10 Must Haves For Your Employee Welcome Pack

Most experienced leaders can tell you a story about the “one that got away”. The new hire that fell through at the last minute because they got a better offer, or because they got cold feet and decided to stay where they were.

From research and first hand experience, we know that initiating and maintaining communication immediately after the initial job offer can help ensure your new hire makes it to their first day of work.

Updated 14 August 2023

The best way to welcome your new employee and make them feel a part of the team is with an Employee Welcome Pack. More than just a set of forms to fill in, the modern welcome pack includes a variety of resources to help new team members get up and running smoothly and quickly.

What are the 10 must haves to include in your Employee Welcome Pack?

  1. Personalised Welcome Message
  2. Job Description and Employment Contract
  3. Forms
  4. Company Profile
  5. Information About Your People
  6. Onboarding Plan Overview
  7. Logins and IT Information
  8. Health & Safety
  9. Policies
  10. General Information

Plus a bonus must-have: New Hire Survey

Let’s dive in deeper and understand how you can use your welcome pack to unleash new hire potential.


Personalised Welcome Message

Your company’s welcome message is a mirror to its personality. Want to project a sophisticated and professional image? Consider a customised welcome letter or video from your CEO. For a more energetic and youthful vibe, why not rally your whole team to create a lively welcome video? The options are endless, so don’t hold back. Let your creative juices flow.

Employment agreement for new hires


Job Description and Employment Contract

A job description is like a map for your role in a company, showing what you do, the skills you need, and what’s expected from you. It’s crucial because it helps you understand exactly what your job is and how to succeed in it. Including it in the welcome pack means new hires know straight away what their job involves, helping them to get started on the right foot.

An employment contract is like a rulebook or agreement between an employer and a new hire that outlines the duties, responsibilities, and terms of their job, including things like pay, working hours, and benefits. Including it in a welcome pack is important because it ensures both parties are clear on expectations from the start, reducing potential confusion or disputes down the road.



Get ready for the thrill of… paperwork! Okay, maybe not everyone’s idea of fun, but crucial nonetheless. The fabulous news? We’re living in the age of automation! Forms such as emergency contacts, benefit enrolments and tax forms have all hopped onto the digital train. So, while the rite of passage of new-hire paperwork remains, these days you can conquer the paper mountain with a few satisfying clicks and keystrokes!

For a deeper dive, check out our handy article on forms for new employees.

Other forms


Company Profile

The Company Profile is like a snapshot of what the company is all about, including its history, dreams, plans, and what makes it special. By putting this in a welcome pack, new employees can quickly understand what the company stands for and where they fit in. This helps them feel at home faster and connect with their new organisation.

What should you include in your Company Profile?

  • Corporate History
  • Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • Culture and Values

The key here is to keep it simple. For instance, rather than just talk about the corporate values, think of ways you can show them at work. Photos and videos of staff are a great way to convey the company culture in action. Real people relaying real stories about their jobs and experiences with the company.


Information About Your People

Imagine stepping into a bustling party without knowing who’s who. That’s starting a new job! Help your new hire by sharing your organisation structure, team directory and staff profiles.

Laying out the organisational map tells your new hire a lot about your business. Is it hierarchical and structured? Or flat and fluid? Are there centralised functions? Most importantly, where does the new hire sit in this picture?

The team directory lets your new hire know how to contact people. Staff profiles help them understand who does what within the team and who to approach for specific issues or questions.

When put together, it’s a roadmap to collaboration for your new hire.


Onboarding Plan Overview

The Onboarding Plan Overview is a comprehensive guide that lays out the initial training and integration process for new hires, detailing the steps, timelines, and expectations for both the employee and the organisation. Including it in the welcome pack provides a clear pathway for the new hire to follow, minimising uncertainty. It’s an essential tool to help them become valuable and successful team members faster.


Logins and IT Information

Logins and IT Information are the keys to a new employee’s computer and online work tools. Including this information in the welcome pack makes sure new hires can start using their computer and other tools right away, without having to wait or ask for help. It helps them get off to a fast and confident start, so they can begin contributing to the team as quickly as possible.


Health & Safety

There are record keeping requirements for Australian employers. Because of this, employers need to establish information about new employees. To help you collect the information you’ll need from your new employee, you may use one or a number of forms. Typical examples include:

  • Personal contact details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Bank account



Policies are the defined guidelines and rules that outline how employees should conduct themselves within the organisation, encompassing everything from workplace behaviour to legal compliance. Including these in the welcome pack ensures that new hires are immediately aware of the expectations and legal obligations, fostering a clear and consistent understanding across all staff members. For the organisation, this not only helps in maintaining a harmonious work environment but also mitigates the risk of legal issues.


General Information

To reduce first-day anxiety, provide your new recruit with general information like:

  • Office location and directions
  • Public transport and parking information
  • Cafes and lunch options
  • Gyms, yoga and other facilities in the area
  • What they should wear
  • What they should bring on the first day

Add to that procedures for requesting leave, reporting issues, and any other necessary administrative information.

Bonus must-have: New Hire Survey

New hire surveys are questionnaires provided to employees upon joining a company, encompassing questions about their onboarding experience, initial impressions, expectations, and concerns. Including these in the welcome pack fosters immediate feedback, enabling the organisation to promptly identify and address any issues the new hire may be facing. This proactive approach not only enhances individual support but also helps the organisation refine its onboarding practices, ultimately leading to more engaging and effective starts that set the stage for success and satisfaction within the team.

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