12 Surprising Ways Customers Use Our Onboarding Software

HR onboarding is often pigeonholed as a function solely for welcoming new hires. With this article we’ll show you how far this is from the truth. We’re going to share some of the creative and unexpected ways that our customers are using our HR Onboarding Software.

By Jon Windust

Updated 29 May 2024

Three HR people surrounded by elements of Cognology’s HR Onboarding Software User Interface

To understand why customers are using the software in such unexpected ways, you first need to know that our onboarding software has some unique features that make it possible to push out all sorts of processes in bulk to groups of people. By giving our customers the tools, they’ve let their imagination run free and come up with solutions to solve their unique problems.

We hope this insight into the practices of other HR teams inspires you to think about how your HR processes could be made more efficient and engaging.

Note: To respect customer confidentiality, all screenshots included in this post are our own mockups of similar configurations previously created.

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

Our customers are utilising the onboarding module in creative ways to boost employee wellbeing and engagement:


Wellbeing Programs

One of the most creative uses we have discovered is a comprehensive wellbeing program that encompasses a range of topics from mental health to physical wellness. The program includes access to online courses, in-person workshops, and interactive content that encourages active participation.


Wellbeing Surveys

Whether used in conjunction with a wellbeing program or on its own, some customers are using the onboarding module to drive wellbeing surveys. This process and the resulting data can drive continuous improvement, inform HR strategies and make wellbeing a cornerstone of company culture.


Workplace Giving

Another great example is using the module to facilitate workplace giving initiatives, making it easier for employees to engage in philanthropy. This helps to foster a sense of community within the workplace while automating another process for HR.

Streamlining Compliance and Policy Management

Streamlined compliance and policy management play pivotal roles in safeguarding organisational integrity and ensuring consistency among all employees


Policy Updates

In an ever-changing legal landscape, keeping staff updated with the latest policies is crucial. Customers are using our software to ensure that updates are not just distributed but also understood, through interactive quizzes and follow-ups.


Motor Vehicle Use Agreement

For organisations requiring vehicle use, managing agreements efficiently is key. One clever customer is using our onboarding system to ensure these are signed and filed without hassle, maintaining compliance at all times.


Home Office Self-Assessment

Some employers may be surprised to learn that their work health and safety obligations extend to home work environments where employees are approved to work remotely. Customers are using the module to guide staff through comprehensive self-assessment checklists, promoting safety and comfort at home.

Optimising Onboarding and Role Transitions

Onboarding isn’t just for new hires. Our software supports transitions and changes throughout an employee’s tenure, making these processes smoother and more integrated.



When employees transition to new roles within the company, our system helps them adjust smoothly with tailored resources and guides specific to their new position, team, department and/or location.



Handling preliminary administrative tasks efficiently ensures that new hires are ready to start from day one. Many customers are using our software to automate this process, allowing HR teams to focus on a warm welcome.


Manager-Initiated Onboarding

Our flexible platform has an option where HR can allow managers to initiate onboarding processes. This can be used for new hires or other processes such as a change in job location or job description adjustments.



Similarly, our onboarding tools are used to ensure that employee farewells are just as smooth as their welcome. Maintaining a positive relationship with departing employees, can be essential to retain them even after they have left, as a promoter of your company. As part of the offboarding process many of our customers include internal checklists for the Manager, HR or other departments.

Continuous Skills and Safety Management

Maintaining a continuous update on skills and safety training is vital for fostering a capable and secure workplace.


Skills, Languages, Certifications Survey

Many customers are collecting new hire certifications during onboarding. With our software monitoring and tracking of these certifications can also be done on an ongoing basis. Some customers are taking this a step further and are also using onboarding to survey new entrants on their skills and languages.


Safety Training

Incorporating safety training into the onboarding process ensures compliance with industry regulations and helps maintain a safe working environment. While this might be common, some customers are also using onboarding to push out annual safety training, safety updates and more.

As these examples show, the potential uses of onboarding software extend far beyond the confines of new hire induction. By using the software for such versatile practices, our customers are reducing workload for their HR Team while improving employee experience and culture. We hope these insights inspire you to think outside the box and explore how Cognology’s onboarding system can help you. Let’s re-envision onboarding not just as a beginning but as a continuous journey towards creating a more engaged, efficient, and healthy workplace.

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