8 Things To Include In Your Staff Induction Kit

The best way to welcome your new team member and make them feel a part of the team is with a unique and inspiring employee induction kit. We’ve compiled a list of key things your induction kit should cover.

Updated 24 July 2023

8 things to include in your staff induction kit

So, after weeks of recruitment and being up to your eyeballs in resumes from candidates that clearly never read the selection criteria in the job ad (I mean I’m really sorry Apollo Rocket Jones but your excellent experience as a hamburgerologist doesn’t qualify you to be an Actuary…) you’ve finally filled the vacancy in your team with the perfect person. Dusting off your hands, you smugly smile and think: no more working overtime; no more angry clients due to staff shortages; and now you don’t have to tell Jenny she can’t go on her honeymoon because she is needed at work.

But wouldn’t it really put a downer on things if your new superstar – the recruit that you have poured all your hopes into and staked your reputation on – didn’t work out? On top of having to start the recruitment process all over again, you would have to break the bad news to Jenny that Bora Bora must be cancelled cancelled…

Frustrated HR

The first 45 days is a make or break period for your new team member

We know that the first 45 days is a make or break period for your new team member. As many as 20% of staff won’t make it past this point for a number of reasons. Some candidates get “a better offer” and don’t even make it to day one. Others leave because they feel overwhelmed without adequate training and support to make a successful transition. And then there are those new hires that resign because they feel unwelcome and/or isolated and struggle to develop relationships with their new colleagues.

What can you do to make your new team member want to stick around?

New employee looking at induction kit

The best way to welcome your new team member and make them feel a part of the team is with a unique and inspiring employee induction kit.

Induction kits have come a long way in the last ten years. No longer are they just a big boring bundle of forms to fill in. The modern version uses technology to deliver a highly interactive induction experience straight to the team member’s smart device – often days or weeks before they even commence work.

The induction kit is an opportunity to roll out the metaphorical red carpet and charm the socks off your new team member. In addition to the essential forms and documents, it can contain links to useful websites and articles, access to company social media sites, and entertaining videos that describe and introduce your firm. You really are only limited by your imagination.

What Should You Include In Your Staff Induction Kit?


Welcome message from the CEO

The induction kit should begin with a warm and personalized welcome message from the CEO or other top-level executives. This message sets the tone for the new team member’s journey with the company and expresses the organization’s excitement about having them on board. A well-crafted welcome message creates a sense of belonging and appreciation right from the start.


Onboarding plan overview

The induction kit should include a comprehensive overview of the onboarding plan. This plan should outline the various stages of the induction process, including orientation, training, and integration into the team. It helps the new employee understand what to expect during the initial days and weeks on the job, making them feel more prepared and confident.


Employment contracts and new employee forms

Including all the necessary employment contracts and new employee forms is crucial for a smooth onboarding process. These documents may include the employment agreement, tax forms, confidentiality agreements, and any other paperwork required to comply with legal and administrative obligations.


Employment policies

The induction kit should contain a clear presentation of the company’s employment policies. This encompasses policies related to leave and absences, working hours, dress code, code of conduct, and other essential rules and regulations. Understanding these policies early on helps the new employee align with the company culture and expectations.


Corporate information including Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy

Introducing the company’s core values, vision, mission, and strategic goals is essential for fostering a sense of purpose among new team members. This section of the induction kit provides insights into the organization’s overall objectives and its commitment to its employees and customers.


Compliance requirements such as license and certification

For certain roles, employees may need specific licenses or certifications to perform their duties legally. The induction kit should outline any compliance requirements relevant to the new employee’s position. This helps them understand the importance of adhering to industry regulations and maintaining the necessary certifications.


Links to team profiles

Including links to team profiles allows the new team member to familiarize themselves with their colleagues before joining the organization. Access to profiles with names, roles, and photos helps create a more welcoming and approachable environment from the very beginning.


Maps and general information

To help the new employee navigate their way around the workplace, the induction kit should include maps of the office or workplace layout. Additionally, providing general information about nearby amenities, parking, public transportation options, and emergency protocols can be highly beneficial for the employee’s convenience and safety.

How You Can Make A Positive And Lasting Impression With The Staff Induction Kit

You want your first official communication with your new hire to grab their attention and get them genuinely excited about starting work. So here are some tips for developing a killer induction kit:

Positive impression with staff induction kit

Tell your story

Tell your story clearly and use plain and simple words – jargon immediately puts new staff on the outer.

Make it genuine

Write the content yourself. Don’t cut and paste from someone else’s handbook or a cookie cutter template. The induction kit needs to reflect who you are and how you do business. Employees can’t help but be motivated by a genuine sense of purpose and identity.

Make it user friendly

Pre-populate forms and documents with the new employee’s details.

Make it relatable

Use lots of images to paint a picture of what it is like to work at your company. Show pictures that they can relate to or people and places they will recognise once they arrive on site.

Brand everything

Work with your marketing department to create a style guide and put your logo on all of the materials. Remind your new team member that they have joined a business they can be proud to work for. When people care about and believe in the brand, they’re motivated to work harder and their loyalty to your company increases.

Research And Personalise

Think of the induction kit as internal marketing for employees. Like other marketing, you need to research and understand your target audience before you spend valuable time and resources on developing content or methods for delivering key messages. The last thing you want to do is make your new staff feel like a number. Develop an induction kit that you can personalise based on what you know about your new employee – their personal details, career history, experience and expertise, accomplishments, and interests.

And Remember… Induction Kits Are Not Just For Newbies

It is not only your new hires that need induction kits. They can also be tailored to staff who are:

  • Transferred
  • Promoted
  • Returning to work after an extended absence
  • Temporary or casual
  • Volunteering; and even
  • On work experience

Every time a staff member comes into a new environment or joins a new team they go through a period of adjustment. Many of the workers listed above won’t require the same documentation and information that new permanent employees do, but you will still want to make sure they are set up for success and welcomed into your business.

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