Preparing For The Future Of Work : From Accountant To Trusted Advisor With Agile Performance Management

The accounting sector is on the cusp of a new era as automation continues to shape the future of work. By 2025 it’s predicted that:

  • 42% of accountants will need management consultancy skills.
  • 35% will need business management skills.
  • 28% will act as business strategists.

Accountants must become business advisors to thrive in the tomorrow’s workplace.

Agile performance management provides the framework to achieve that transition.

Our new whitepaper takes your accounting firm through a step by step process to implement agile performance management in your business, covering:

  • The 3 main reasons agile performance management is overlooked.
  • Why the annual performance review still has a role to play.
  • The 4 sources of successful feedback.
  • The effective use of technology in agile performance management.

Prepare your accounting firm for the future of work. Download our whitepaper today.

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