The Quick Pivot at ACSQ

Today we are sharing a wonderful success story from one of our clients who have recently gone live with our Performance Management module – The Anglican Church of Southern Queensland. What started as a typical implementation, quickly changed course as the Coronavirus sent large portions of the workforce home.

ACSQ quickly pivoted the way the system was rolled out.

Initial Requirements

Cognology’s Implementation Project Manager Louise Bieniara said “ACSQ approached the project with a clear vision of the organisation’s requirement and an understanding of what will work for ACSQ’s workforce”. In particular, the system needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Aligning individual goals to the organisational strategy
  • Motivational
  • Personally relevant
  • Encourage development through planning
  • Encourage continuous conversations and exchanging of feedback.

ACSQ’s Approach To Rollout

ACSQ have underpinned the rollout with quality resources such as user guides, in-system prompts and user training, making sure their team members are supported with the knowledge they need to adopt the system and ultimately make it a valuable tool.

The Coronavirus Pivot

As chance would have it, the platform was ready to roll out just as the COVID-19 Pandemic caused large portions of the Australian workforce to work from home. ACSQ quickly pivoted the way the system will be rolled out and reframed its focus from development and achievement to managing a remote workforce and maintaining business as usual performance. This was achieved by reframing the following:

  • Scope of Goals shifted from strategic and future focused to operational
  • Stronger role of manager in setting goals
  • Shorter term goal focus – days and weeks rather than months and quarters
  • Strong focus on feedback to be leveraged as motivational and engagement tool
  • Higher frequency of check-ins to create running record of goal progress.

We are proud that our system has the flexibility to support the agility of our clients in this ever-changing world of work and look forward to see ACSQ’s ongoing success with the system.

“We’ve had to adapt to new ways of working quite rapidly and it was great to see how adaptable the Cognology platform was. The team listened to our needs and responded very quickly. We can now move forward in this new environment knowing that people’s actions and goals are still aligned with the Vision of our organisation”.

Stephen Hart
Organisational Development Group Manager