The aged care industry needs a library of competencies to thrive. Get yours today.

The Australian aged care industry has received significant attention in recent times, sadly not always for the right reasons. With reports of severe negligence and gaps in care, our attention has rightfully turned to how we can begin to repair the integrity of such an important industry within our community. This is why it’s time to talk about competency management.

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Competency management, despite not being widely used, carries strong results in regards to productivity and efficiency metrics for organisations. As outlined in our recent research for competencies (you can read it here), organisations with a fully optimised competency management system reported a 64% increase in individual employee performance and a 51% increase in overall organisational performance. With increases of this magnitude, competency management becomes a sustainable consistent option for improvement growth in the aged care industry.

To plan forward, we must look backward. Tertiary qualified professionals in the aged care industry between 2007 and 2012 have increased by 80%, meaning the way we approach our aged care employees needs to be adapted. So how do we establish a framework for competencies? It’s time to turn to outcomes.

When analysing outcomes within the aged care industry, it’s important to consider external factors such as technological advances, expanding consumer expectations, increased government focus and compliance requirements and market saturation. It’s from this that we can begin to devise a list of outcomes to form the framework of competencies. Add to this unique points of difference and the culture of your organisation and the direction of competency management for your employees becomes clear.

So let’s talk game. Where do you need to start to make a change? We’ve conducted extensive research in the industry to compile a complete library of competencies for your organisation, including measures for the health and wellbeing of residents, internal culture, safety and government compliance and best practice policies.

Like to know more? For the full 10 page framework, complete the form below and download The Library of Aged Care Competencies today.