Sample goal review comments

We’ve already covered how well written goals can add value to your performance plan.  So what about the performance appraisal review comments?  Well written comments explain to a person specifically what they’ve done well so they know what to repeat.  They may also serve as a way of sharing ideas on how to improve performance in the next cycle.  Once again, put yourself in the shoes of our hypothetical employee, now consider the impact of your manager’s carefully crafted messages.

Key Result AreaRevenueRevenue
GoalMake the business more profitable.Increase profit after tax by 5% this financial year.
Manager CommentsA good result!A good result! Overall profit after tax was 6.2% for this financial year.
This was largely attributed to the new supplier management process you implemented. This new process demonstrates the value that is generated by collaborating with the Finance team.
Key Result AreaWorkplace Health & SafetyWorkplace Health & Safety
GoalMinimise number of reported incidents.Reduce the number of reported incidents this financial year by at least 7.5%.
Manager CommentsA fair effort this period.A fair effort this period.

This financial year saw no change to our number of incidents which were reported. However, this target should be achieved next year with the implementation of enhanced Standard Operating Procedures for contractors visiting all our sites.

Key Result AreaService DeliveryService Delivery
GoalMaintain system uptime.Achieve a minimum of 99.90% system uptime for this financial year.
Manager CommentsSystem uptime was maintained this period.A job well done. This goal was exceeded by 0.05%.
Key to helping you achieve this goal was the implementation of two key projects:

  1. Migrating business services into the cloud.
  2. Redeployment of key infrastructure


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