Sample one-on-one check-in conversation notes

Regular One-on-one meetings are important to keep your team motivated and on track. While it is certainly vital to understand how these meetings should be conducted and structured, how meeting outcomes get recorded also has a huge impact.

What happens after the meeting is important because it reinforces accountability and commitment. Here is a quick example of what good and bad one-on-one summary notes look like.

  • Example 1 – no commitment and accountability

  • 18 Nov 2014
  • Had a one-on-one meeting with Brad on 13 November.
  • Key summary items:

    • Discussed the upcoming project Brad is leading.
    • Gave Brad feedback about tardiness to team meetings.
    • Confirmed upcoming leave Brad has requested in Feb.
    • Reviewed performance goals, everything is on track.
  • Entered by Manager
  • Example 2 – clear commitment and accountability

  • 13 Nov 2014
  • One-on-One meeting summary:

    • Discussed the upcoming project I’m leading. Lara suggested this is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills in project management, as per my development plan.
    • On track to meet all performance goals. Set myself a stretch target to exceed the current expectation by 15%.
    • Confirmed my upcoming leave in Feb.
    • Next one-on-one meeting scheduled for 29 Nov 2014
  • Action items for Brad:

    • Amend current performance goal to reflect new stretch target.
    • Upcoming project:
      • Document upcoming project delivery phases and assign to relevant team members.
      • Clearly communicate delivery requirements for phase 1 of the project.
    • Ensure I am not late to future team meetings. Lara will start tracking first and last arrival to all meetings.

    Entered by Manager

  • Action items for Lara:

    • Start a running tally of team meeting arrival times.
    • Support Brad with the upcoming project by reviewing plans and provide coaching on communication style.

    Entered by Employee

  • Example 1

  • Entered by the Manager
  • No date set for next meeting

  • Brief notes with no clear outcomes
  • No discussion around development
  • Identified performance issue with no clear resolution
  • Example 2

  • Entered by the Employee
  • Date set for next meeting

  • Clear action items from the meeting
  • Discussed employee development needs
  • Identified performance issue as well as clear corrective actions
  • Benefits of example 2 over 1

    • Confirm employee understood key points and action items
    • Encourage employee commitment
  • Drives accountability
  • Takes corrective action to address areas for improvement
    • Improves employee engagement
    • Shows manager’s commitment to employee development
    • Encourages the employee to improve
    • Address performance issues early, with clear commitment from the employee


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