What Is Information Onboarding?

Information Onboarding is a new technology created by Cognology. It is used to get information out to targeted groups of people quickly and get information back from them easily.

What makes it different from Intranets or other systems?

Information Onboarding is different from many systems used to communicate information such as Intranets because:

  • It helps guarantee information has been consumed
  • You can get information back in a structured format very easily
  • It’s web based and can be accessed from anywhere

How does it differ from new hire onboarding?

New hire onboarding is used to induct new employees and contractors into a company. Information Onboarding can be used for any information dissemination and gathering need and isn’t restricted to new hires.

New hire onboarding is used once per person. Information Onboarding can be used any number of times for any number of needs.

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What are the component pieces

Information Onboarding software gives users the ability to:

  1. Design the information to be disseminated
  2. Target specific groups of people
  3. Ensure the information has been consumed
  4. Quiz knowledge
  5. Collect structured and unstructured information from recipients
  6. Send automated reminders
  7. Create templates to organise information
  8. Report on information consumed and provided
  9. Connect with other systems

How does it work?

To make Information Onboarding work, three main functions need to be performed.

  1. The information to be consumed and provided needs to be designed and saved as a template.
  2. A coordinator sends the template to a target group of people.
  3. A user consumes the information and provides requested information.

The coordinator can then use the results of this process to report on information consumed and provided.

Information Onboarding Software

New Hire Onboarding Software

If you are looking for New Hire Onboarding Software, we also have an online tool for that.

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