When Onboarding isn’t just Onboarding…

One of the things I remember fondly (or perhaps not so fondly) as a HR Generalist, was the endless chasing of paperwork. Whenever there was a new policy that had to be signed, or even something as simple as an RSVP to the end of year Christmas Party, I always seemed to be banging down door to get the paperwork sorted.

Create any number of processes for HR

When we first created our Onboarding module here at Cognology, we initially intended to create precisely that – a world-class Onboarding module. With our recent inclusion of content-rich checklists, custom forms, and our new groups’ functionality – we’ve realised pretty quickly our Onboarding module goes way beyond.

Onboarding processes

Beautiful content-rich pages

With our feature rich page steps, it’s super easy to create awesome looking Christmas party invites.

Christmas party invitation using Onboarding

Easy to create custom forms

I can even include a custom RSVP form, that can help gather attendance information, guest names, dietary requirements and other useful information.

RSVP for Onboarding

Form Field CSV Export

All information from the custom form can be easily exported into a CSV form that will help keep track of guest lists, dietary requirements and the other information that was gathered. The best thing is, our automatic reminders mean I no longer have to chase up any forms.

CSV Export for Onboarding