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Adapting to the new talent landscape

Record high staff turnover

In 2021 RewardGateway surveyed 3,809 employees across Australia, the UK and United States. They found that a staggering 42% of employees are currently or will be looking for a new employer this year.

This comes on top of research from 2020 showing that 31.2% of surveyed organisations were already finding employee retention challenging.

Staff turnover has an obvious impact on workload in terms of recruitment and onboarding. It can take months to bring new hires up to speed and more than a year to gain the experience needed to be truly proficient.

Staff turnover is at record highs

Staff turnover is at record highs

But it isn’t just a recruitment and onboarding challenge. Staff turnover has a material impact on skills. It creates gaps in the capabilities teams need to operate effectively. Knowing how to identify those skill gaps or low levels of capability are critical to being able to operate in 2021 and beyond.

Everyone’s life has dramatically changed

Everyone’s life has dramatically changed

Life has dramatically changed and so have expectations

Everyone’s life has dramatically changed. People are consuming more online services than ever. Whether it’s online shopping, Netflix or contract tracing apps, there’s a new expectation that it’ll be online or in an app.

Your staff are no different. They expect your systems to be online and easy to use. If you present them with manual forms, spreadsheets and disjointed experiences you’ll likely lose them to organisations that offer better experiences.

Essential HR tech to adapt and thrive in 2021

Organisations have always had to deal with competition and the need for change, but the last two years have supercharged that need. Cognology can help you adapt and thrive in the new talent landscape. Here’s how.

Meet New Expectations

New expectations

Identify Skills Gaps

Skill gaps

Manage High Turnover

High turnover

Cater for Hybrid Work

Identify and manage skill gaps

While 86% of HR managers believe that competency management is critical, just 7% have the tools needed to understand current capabilities and the skills needed to drive future growth. [1] [2]

This is concerning because a new report by Burning Glass Technologies found “the number of openings per worker has increased as the economy has improved” and “the ratio of supply and demand has flipped”. This means for many occupations there are more jobs than people to fill them.

It’s not just your highly skilled roles that are at risk. The report goes further to say that a shortage exists in many low and middle-skill occupations. This makes it critical to understand and manage skill gaps in your organisation.

Reporting and Analysis

The Cognology Competency Management System has everything you need

The Cognology Competency Management System has everything you need to identify skill gaps, develop and manage competencies.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your staff complete an online competency assessment
  2. The software includes all the tools to automate management of this process
  3. Once completed you can access ready made reports and analysis to understand individual and group competencies.
  4. Development can be targeted for individuals with gaps

The ability to clearly see current capabilities and skill gaps will help you and others in your organisation to stay in front of the turnover and skill gap challenges of 2021.

Onboard New Hires Quickly and Easily

Organisations with an intentional onboarding program improved their employee retention rate by 82% and their productivity by 70%

Onboard new hires quickly and easily

Onboarding technology is a great way to reduce HR workload while providing a high quality experience for new hires. But one thing you may not know about Onboarding software is that it can also improve employee retention. In fact Glassdoor found that “organisations with an intentional onboarding program improved their employee retention rate by 82% and their productivity by 70%”.

Cognology’s Employee Onboarding Software streamlines the entire process for HR while providing a great experience for new hires.

It’s highly configurable and includes all of the forms you need such as bank, super, tax and more. The intuitive workflow makes it possible for managers and other departments to be involved in the onboarding process. All trackable on one dashboard.

Compliance training and policy acknowledgements are hassle free and fully automated.

The system can even help you get new hires up to speed more quickly by incorporating engaging content and online courses.

Onboarding new hires

Cognology’s employee onboarding software

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce paperwork

Provide A Positive Experience

Get New Hires Up To Speed Quickly

Up to speed

Align and check-in with staff across hybrid work environments

Recent research by Gartner has found that 48% of employees expect to work from home at least part of the time after the pandemic ends.

What does this mean for you? How do you align team members and provide them with the feedback they need to operate cohesively in this new hybrid environment?

Considering many employees would have relied on informal, organic feedback from managers during day to day interactions in the office, monitoring and measuring an employee’s ability to work remotely is especially important.

Expected Employee Distribution Post-Pandemic

48% of employees expect to work from home at least part of the time after the pandemic ends

Ensure your people are aligned and receive the feedback they need

Cognology’s agile Performance Management System has been designed to support you and your managers. The online system combines all of the traditional elements of a performance management process with the latest agile technology. This makes it ideal for hybrid work environments. Highlights include:

  • Agile feedback and check-in capabilities
  • Support for people working across teams
  • Clear expectations and alignment

With Cognology you can ensure your people are aligned and receive the feedback they need to develop and meet team goals.

For HR, the system provides automation, tracking and rich live reporting.

Cognology is modular HR tech

Cognology’s suite of HR technology is fully integrated and modular. This means you can pick and choose the modules you need to solve your current business problems and expand as needed. You only pay for the modules you need.

On this page we’ve highlighted Competency Management, Onboarding and Agile Performance Management as 3 essential HR technologies that you need in 2021. In addition to these modules you can pick and choose from these fully integrated modules.

Agile Feedback



Cognology also integrates with many other systems including payroll, HRIS, applicant tracking and more.

How we work with you

Our customer success team supports you every step of the way. When you first come on board, an implementation specialist will work with you to understand your needs and get you up and running as quickly as possible. You’ll also get your own HR qualified team member as an ongoing contact point. They’ll help to make sure you are getting the best out of the system.





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