Trends in the Skills Landscape and How You Can Prepare

The labour market is evolving, with demographic shifts and increased competition for top talent. The future is AI and automation. Your business needs you to keep up with what’s changing, what skills will be in demand, and how to develop them in your workforce. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • The trends affecting the skills landscape

  • How skills are changing and which skills you need to future-proof your workforce

  • Dealing with skill gaps and the future of learning

  • How to acquire skills and meet the talent demands of the future

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“Digital transformation is the #1 priority in Australia and top two in all other regions.”

“Today, businesses and higher education institutes estimate that only about one quarter of their total staff and students have the skill base to work and interact with emerging digital technologies.”

“84% of university educators worry about preparing the workforce for the future.”

“76% of Gen Z learners believe learning is the key to a successful career.”

“Upskilling and reskilling is the top priority for L&D pros globally.”

“The supply of skills like cloud computing and cybersecurity can’t satisfy […] demand. Executives have this idea that ‘as my people become obsolete, I’ll just hire new people.’ Well, they won’t be there.”