Sample goals and objectives to launch you to success

It’s that time of year where we start thinking about goals. For some people this means setting targets to help them achieve their objectives for the year. For others, it can mean looking at a blank document on your computer screen and wondering how you’re possibly going to come up with five goals when you can’t even think of one.

For organisations the challenge is even greater, goals need to align with company objectives and employee’s need to be able to understand how their individual projects and goals will directly affect the success of their organisation.

So how do we set goals that are relevant to an individual’s professional development but also align to the strategy of an entire organisation? It starts by understanding the nature of the goal hierarchy and how to maximise every resource within the organisation. With a clear understanding of how to distribute objectives, all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together.

Competencies - research and business case

Get a head start…

Ready to take the next step in the planning process? We’ve created a comprehensive set of sample goals to help you with every department in your organisation. Complete the form and download your copy today.

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