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The top five Australian and New Zealand blogs on HR and talent management

There’s a lot of great HR and talent management blogs

A Google search for “best HR blogs” or “best talent management blogs” will get you thousands of great resources. But frustratingly most of the top results tend to be very US focused.

So I wanted to take some time to shine a light on some of my favourite local thinkers in the space. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve put together my list of the top five Australian and New Zealand blogs in and around talent management.


To do this, I’ve focused on blogs that are regularly updated, contained innovative and engaging advice and have a regular local focus.

So without further ado, here are my top Australian and New Zealand bloggers in HR and talent management. In no particular order:

1. Daniel Lock

Daniel Lock is an expert in change management and productivity. I love his weekly posts on the latest news in change management, HR and technology. Every week Daniel collects a series of great links to big news on how technology is changing business.

Daniel’s recent pieces on developing change and overcoming complacency were also great. He does an excellent job at addressing the eternal paradox of needing change to get ahead but being comfortable in our current surroundings.

Dan is quite active on social media, you can find him on just about every platform. I’m sure he’d love you to touch base.

http://daniellock.com/blog/ @DanielLock

2. LearnKotch

Con Sotidis is an expert in organisational learning and development. Con started his blog earlier this year, armed only with his (many) years of experience in the public sector and a passion for L&D.

Not all Con’s posts are strictly L&D based (although MOOCs do pop up a fair bit). He recently posted a fascinating article on where L&D should sit in relation to human resources. I agree with Con that L&D (as well as HR) should sit as close to the business as possible.

Get to Con’s blog, and learn a thing or two about learning!

http://learnkotch.wordpress.com/ @LearnKotch

3. Greg Savage

Greg Savage is your go-to man for all things recruitment. Greg’s a real veteran in the blog space, having shared his insights with the world for many years now.

He recently wrote a fascinating piece on the way we should look at recruitment and talent acquisition. Greg makes a great argument that we should look at potential candidates more like consumers. As a result, it’s critical to know their intention as well as grabbing their attention.

Give Greg’s blog a read to understand more about recruiting for the future of work.

http://gregsavage.com.au/ @greg_savage

4. HR Man NZ

Richard Westney is another HR expert from across the Tasman with a regularly updated blog full of great HR insights.

You’ll find everything on Westney’s blog from “the tyranny of turnover” to “CEO’s prefer blondes”. HR Man NZ is a blog full of insight into how to stay progressive and avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary process.

http://hrmannz.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/a-question-of-balance/ @HRManNZ

5. Break the frame

Break the frame is a great blog on leadership, career advice and life from Alli Polin. Alli lives smack bang in the middle of Australia in Alice Springs. She’s a consultant with the corporate experience to back it up, using her knowledge as an executive to coach other likeminded individuals.

Alli gives regular advice on how to give leaders feedback (Spoiler alert: the answer is honesty) or how to use journals as a more productive use of your reflective process. Alli’s expert advice is just as applicable in the red centre as it is in any part of the world.

Her recent blog on “how to work with someone you hate” was a great piece on managing conflict… Because I’m sure you’ve had to work with someone you can’t stand (just like everyone else).

http://breaktheframe.com/blog/ @AlliPolin

Who have I missed?

I’d love your thoughts on other people who deserve to be in this list of Australia and New Zealand’s best bloggers on HR and talent management…