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Onboarding New Uniforms

Onboarding New Uniforms

We all know Human Resource professionals spend too much time on administrative tasks. In fact, our friends from the University of Southern California: Edward Lawler and John Boudreau suggest that HR spends over 75% of their time on administration tasks. Even more astonishing is that this hasn’t changed in 15 years! The Cognology Onboarding module, allows HR to save time on tedious administration tasks such as all-employee communications and data collection tasks.

An excellent example of this can be seen in the hospitality sector.

How HR spends its time graph

The Human Resources department in any luxury hotel is always extremely fast paced, with constant recruitment, new hire orientations, and planning fun activities for whatever celebration was coming up next. One of the most exciting times was finding out that a department needed new uniforms! I always had a lot of fun sitting in meetings with our uniform designers, picking colour combinations, suit material, and of course matching accessories.

It was always fun and games until one day my Manager dropped a bombshell. The entire hotel (over 750 employees) was to get new uniforms after an extensive renovation. All of a sudden our little Human Resources department had been taken over by lookbooks, material samples, and colour swatches.

Not only were we tasked in working with Department Heads and Managers in choosing new uniform styles, we also needed to collect information on each employee size and quantity needed. This meant a lot of early starts, late finishes and running around to team briefings ticking off names, handing out uniform sizing forms and collecting them all back. Once this was done manual entry of paper forms into a massive excel spreadsheet allowed us to send off to the uniform supplier.

Because Onboarding isn’t just onboarding in Cognology, you can use it to send out mass communications and collect all sorts of data that is easily exportable in excel or PDF in one click! It completely replaces collecting data on paper forms and even allows for automatic reminders to be sent so that employees complete the information on time.

Onboarding with Uniforms

With over 20 years of combined real-world Human Resources experience, our HR Relationship Managers specialise in using our suite of Onboarding tools to streamline and automate your Human Resource processes.


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