The Top 11 Tweeps in Australian #HRTech: Guest post from Sarah Moore

Top 11 HR Tech tweeps in Australia

In recent times, there have been a number of Who’s Who in HR/Technology lists that have been written. We see them retweeted, linked to and published both in mainstream media and online sources – one thing they all have in common is that they are all US or UK based.  Where is the Australian list of Top Contributors to HR Technology via Twitter? Well, I am glad you asked.

Of course, any list can always be added to, and I couldn’t possibly cover every nook and cranny of Twitter, but I have given it a red hot crack. Very careful consideration has been given to the criteria for inclusion on my list, and in case you are interested, here it is: In my area of expertise, I looked for those who are leaders in the field of HR Technology (specifically), and who are also sharing that information with the wider HR Tech community through Twitter – many also have blogs and are on LinkedIn. I have also included those that I have learnt from – either from a technical perspective, strategic or just about how the HR Technology industry is growing and progressing. Being social has dramatically changed how we access and find information, connect with people and even virtually attend industry conferences.

After attending a very successful inaugural HR Tech Fest 2014 @HRTechFest this week, the Twitter sharing amongst the Australian and New Zealand HR Tech community was informative, at times provocative but also fun and inclusive. There was Twitter banter between participants as well as the speakers in their down time. Many of the international speakers are much more accessible because they are on Twitter.

I have to explain that I have made a call to differentiate between those that use Twitter to connect and share in general about all things HR, and those that are tweeting specifically about HR Technology. The US list of the Top 100 Most Social HR Practitioners here is definitely worth a look, as it covers HR, Recruiting, L & D as well as HR Technology.

So, here is my list of Australian HR Tech Tweeps that you should follow (in no particular order!).

Who: Michael Specht

Handle: @MSpecht
Why: I would argue he is Australia’s top HR Tech expert. Currently working for Navigo Research and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry including the vendors. Michael has been tweeting since 2006 and blogging forever!

Who: Juhi King

Handle: @HRtechgirl
Why: Juhi is active on Twitter and has her own blog about HR Tech musings here.

Who: Michael Sleap

Handle: @michaelsleap
Why: Particularly at events, Michael is quite active on twitter. His tweets are insightful, informative and he takes into account an overall organisational perspective, not just a HR Tech view.

Who: Rob Scott

Handle: @robscottinsyd
Why: Rob is very active on Twitter and regularly shares his insights as well as great articles and links about HR Tech in Australia. He also has a blog here.

Who: Damon Klotz

Handle: @DamonKlotz
Why: Tweets a lot! Is brutally honest and gives a different perspective to all things HR and technology and a bit about the digital landscape. Has his own blog

Who: Con Sotidis

Handle: @LearnKotch
Why: Tweets about Learning and Development and his passion for the subject is palpable.  He has interesting views on Learning and Development and how using technology advances everyone on their learning journey. Con is active and interesting on Twitter. He also blogs here. I have learnt a lot about MOOCs.

Who: Linda Jonas

Handle: @LinJonas
Why: Linda is great at sharing HR Tech tweets from her international network of HR Tech professionals (she told me she has met most of them on Twitter). She has broad experience in areas other than HR Technology and this shows through in her interactions.

Who: Greg Savage

Handle: @greg_savage
Why: Greg has a recruitment focus, but shares content on recruitment technology and the intersection of recruitment, branding and HR – always interesting and insightful. Is also highly regarded globally as an influencer. His blog is here.

Who: Jon Windust

Handle: @Cognology
Why: Jon tweets a lot! His retweets are informative and always have a comment to make you think about what you are going to read.

Tweeps involved in a specific technology and their tweets are quite technical at times! Not for the faint hearted.

Who: Chris Paine

Handle: @Wombling
Why: SAP Mentor and expert. Tweets are often technical, so follow if you are a developer or want to find out generally about SAP/SuccessFactors. Chris live tweets from all kinds of SAP events. He links out to the SAP online resources, has his own blog. I often find out new things about SAP from Chris.

Who: Mark Souter

Handle: @MarkSouter
Why: Tweets often about what is happening with SuccessFactors and retweets lots of the regular international Twitterati.

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An HR professional by trade, in HR technology for most of my career, implementing my first system in the year 2000.  I am passionate about technology and how it shapes our World of Work. I am on LinkedIn

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    Hi all

    Unfortunately there has been an spelling error on my name above. if you looking for me and can’t find me, you need to search CON SOTIDIS or look for @learnkotch on twitter.

    BTW I am honoured and grateful to be mentioned in such an esteemed group of HR professionals.



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