The Ultimate Guide To Competencies

No matter what your level of understanding of competencies are, we’ve brought together a range of resources to help you. From an explanation of what a competency is, to an in-depth look at competency assessment methods. You’ll also find samples to help you on your way.

Learn about Competencies

Competency definition

If you don’t know what a competency is, the is a good place to start. It explains the difference between technical and behavioural competencies. See more.

Competency samples

Once you’ve read our article explaining competencies, you might want to see some samples. You can find some easy to read samples here for different roles. See more.

Reasons to use competencies

If you have a basic understanding of competencies but are unsure whether you should be using them, we’ve explained seven ways they benefit companies. See more.

Keeping your team on top of their game and your business ahead of the curve means zeroing in on competency gaps. This quick guide walks you through spotting those gaps, why it matters, and how to fix them, with a sprinkle of practical tips and tools to make it all happen. See more.

Learn about Competency Assessment

Competency methods

A look at how competencies are assessed and who should assess them. See more.

Competency based assessment

Once you know how competencies are assessed, this article explains how a typical competency assessment process works. See more.

Competency review comments

If you are conducting a competency assessment, this article shows you how to formulate your review comments. See more.

Learn about Competency Management

Competency management ensures that organizations are staffed with people capable of carrying out its strategic plan. What, how and why do you need it? See more.

Competency Forms, Tools and Technology

What you'll need to assess competencies

Explains what should be included on a competency assessment form and provides a sample template. See more.

Explains the meaning of competency assessment tool. Describes the essentials you should be looking for. See more.

Competency Software

An easy to use and comprehensive online system for competency assessment and management. See more.